Prediction says that the need for translators and court interpreters will grow 20 % until 2031, much faster than the average for all other professions. This means that the offer and the competition on the market will grow exponentially, but it will also be harder to choose the highest quality service which is in line with your business.

Multilingual content has become a key factor in the business world. Regardless of its size, companies do not have resources to translate all their materials on their own. In which case, they turn to to external translation agencies.

Depending on your needs, choosing the right translation agency can be more complicated than you think. That choice can be particularly difficult when you are not familiar with that industry. Be careful! Translation service which you choose will be the only link between your business and target market or your end user.

These are the 5 factors you need to look into when choosing an agency for cooperation.

5 factors you should pay attention to

Look for a translation agency with a good reputation for providing a high quality service. Ask your future translators for examples of their work. If they claim to have degrees or certificates, you should check whether that information is correct. Your chosen agency should be able to guarantee delivery of all translation tasks on time. This is why it is important that they have necessary resources so that they could handle the assignments propperly.

Are translators native speakers of the target language with appropriate expertise? Translators of your content should ideally be native speakers of target language. However, that’s not the crucial parameter for the choice. What you should look for are qualified, trained experts with necessary experience and knowledge to provide high quality translation service. Translation process should follow methodology which enables setting guidelines and certain quality standards. Otherwise, it is practically impossible to achieve wanted results.

Make sure that translation company has established Quality Assurance processes. Quality control is performed at the end of translation process, when final document is reviewed to make sure there are no errors in it and that it meets all the requirements. We are sure you wouldn’t want your product or service to be ridiculed because of bad and unreadable translation.

How fast can an agency complete your translation? Besides quality, one of the most important factors for you is probably turnaround time. Whether you have a deadline to meet at work, you have to submit a visa application or you are just impatient, you want to find a translation company which operates quickly and efficiently. Therefore, if you know you will need a translation to be done with a very short turnaround time, this is something you should consider when choosing a translation agency.

The price is not negligeable after all. Doing business is often synonymous with a race against time, but against a limited budget as well. You definitely don’t want to spend more than it is reasonable for your translation project. When you find translation agency which meets all your requirements, you should ask them for an estimate. This will help you calculate approximate price for translation of your content. Depending on the project, an agency can offer you a fixed price. Alternatively, they can offer you a free estimate. Regardless of the type of an estimate you get, it should be in writing. This will help protect both parties.

We made this list based on many years of experience in translation and localization industry, so that you can have a starting point in your search for a translation agency you want to work with. This list is not final as only you know all the specific details of your project. Our team of experienced project managers and translators is at your disposal to help you with all your requests, meet all your needs and honor all the specific features of your business.

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