Translation in our company is performed by skilled translators who are native speakers of target language and have either University level degree or equivalent certificate to confirm the knowledge of source language. Another important requirement is education in translation field and years of translation experience. Selection is done based on the experience of translator in the given area. All of our translators go through multiple checks before becoming approved partners.

Localization is a phase of translation and cultural adaptation of a product or a service (for a specific country, region, or a social group…) which takes into consideration the differences between the two markets.

Localization includes comprehensive target culture and language research in order to adapt a product or a service to the target audience. It is a process which can be related to cultural adaptation and translation of a software, video games or websites.

We translate from English, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian and French into Serbian (both Cyrillic and Latin script), Bosnian and Montenegrin, and we are actively planning to expand and translate into other languages in the region.

Every translation is additionally reviewed by a skilled translator to ensure the quality. Then, we use specialized software with dictionaries and customized profiles for translation quality assurance.

Translation speed and turnaround time depend on the complexity of the content and availability of our translators in a given moment. There are, however, some general guidelines, so one translator can have daily output of about 10 pages (2500 words).

Every previous translation we did for you is being archived in a database and used for any future translation you might need. Translator uses that database during work and sticks to previously defined terminology.

Yes, we can sign an NDA as a part of cooperation agreements and our translators already have an NDA signed with us. During translation, we are not using online help tools (Google Translate etc.) which additionally helps us keep your information and data safe.

We can manage pretty much and document format, although most common ones are Word, Excel, IDML, HTML, PDF and JPG files.

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