Redakta is a team of professional translators that provides translation and proofreading services for a large number of industries. Your text will be translated and rechecked by professional translators specializing in your field of business. Everything in one place for your business: from the translation of documents and customized localization solutions, to automated and fast translation services.

  • Professional translation services and solutions

  • Fast, affordable and high-quality translation

  • Tailored approach to each business


All our translators (proofreaders) are grammar experts who want to make your translation as good as possible. Our proofreading service includes correcting spelling mistakes, eliminating grammatical errors and ensuring consistency in translation.

  • Top-level proofreaders

  • Consistent and grammatically correct translation

  • Fast, affordable and professional service


Localization is a comprehensive process that deals with the cultural and contextual components of translation, as well as linguistic issues when adapting a product or service to another country.

  • Localize a website, mobile application, game or other software

  • Accelerate localization workflow using the most advanced tools

  • Facilitate connecting with local markets


The growing need of companies to engage in global business requires that the context, tone, style and intention of the message be reflected in the translation. A brand or product needs transcreation when its messages have to be adapted to local consumers in different parts of the world.

  • Culturally relevant and authentic translation

  • Adapting the message to the spirit of language

  • Content tailored to your target audience

Proofreading of machine translation.

The use of machine translation requires a professional translator or proofreader to edit the text subsequently. The results of machine translation, which are often very questionable, gain in value after proofreading by an experienced proofreader.

  • Translation in the spirit of language

  • Faithfulness to the original tone and style

  • Consistency in terminology

Translations certified by a court interpreter.

Translations certified by a court interpreter are applied to all types of translations of original documents, whose validity and truthfulness to the original text is guaranteed by the seal and signature of a certified court interpreter. Professional translators for all areas and industries, as well as perfect coordination of the entire process are the features of our work.

  • Reliable translation

  • Affordable and quick

  • Coordinated and harmonized process

Tenders and public procurement.

Unprofessionally translated documentation prescribed by the terms of public procurement can often cause the company to lose potential work. International calls for tenders issued by clients abroad generally require a high level of linguistic competence and the expertise of professional translators in order to properly translate and convey the terms of the specifications.

  • Vast experience and high expertise

  • High quality and detail oriented translations

  • Consistent documentation

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