Translating medical documentation requires a highly specialized professional translators due to technical complexity and sensitive nature of that type of documents (they have a very direct impact on people’s lives). Medical translations are a special type of translation challenge, and general competencies of translator and language skills alone are not enough to ensure top quality.

Translations of medical documentation have a vital role in helping healthcare workers to provide necessary treatment to their foreign language speaking patients. Doctors and pharmacists need a reliable translation to be able to read a medical history of their foreign patients to treat and medicate them properly. Translation of medical device manuals is essential, not only to be able to register the equipment in foreign countries, but to apply appropriate care for patients and to ensure safety standards in hospitals and clinics.

What does translation of medical documentation imply?

Translation of medical documentation refers to translating documents from the field of healthcare, medicine, pharmaceutical products, medical devices, and clinical trials. The field of medical documentation is very broad and encompasses translations of Informed Consent Forms, Medical Device Manuals (IFU/DFU), hospital documentation and medical records.

Medical documentation can be translated by professional translators who are qualified and have extensive knowledge about the subject matter.

Specific features of translations from medical field

Translating medical documentation is quite demanding. Those documents usually contain important and sensitive information. Doctors use a unique terminology which is sometimes difficult to understand. Therefore, medical materials demand a lot of precision, expertise and attention to detail during translation.

Medical documents often use specialized terminology, and oftentimes new concepts which are still not known in target language. Medicine, as an area is very broad, and translators often need to be specialized and to have experience in a specific medical specialty the document is related to. Professional translator for medical documentation needs to have a professional knowledge and a deeper understanding of the market.

Why should you hire professionals?

There are different technical and medical terms in medicine which general population is not aware of. Therefore, a non-expert cannot translate those terms correctly. Medical translators with many years of experience need to work very hard to ensure the client gets the highest quality translation of medical documentation.

Even though it is clear that translating medical documents is of vital importance, we still need to mention that each translation needs to be done by a professional. Even the minor error in medical translation can result in life threatening situation for the patient. Any confusion or unclarity related to medicine dosing or allergen information can lead to serious consequences. Which again leads us to a conclusion that the best solution is to leave translation to experts in this field.

Expertise first

When you leave translation of medical documentation to qualified translators acquainted with medical terminology and with experience in medical industry who are proficient in source and target language, you’ll notice improved communication in every area of your business.

Clients from pharmaceutical industry, industry of medical devices, and healthcare need to rely on the team of professional translators who will deliver translations on time and within the agreed budget, and completely in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements. Majority of laws and regulations laws help to ensure safety of patients and healthcare workers and access for everybody to high quality medical care when needed.

It is absolutely clear that there are various advantages when hiring an agency for professional medical translations to handle information you want to translate. Redakta has translated materials for some of the leading pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and clinical research organizations in the world (CRO).

We have worked with many satisfied clients and have delivered millions of words of medical translations. The pool of our partners contains linguists with vast experience in various medical fields, as well as biochemistry, biotechnology, chemistry, pharmacology, and toxicology, which makes us a perfect partner for your needs.

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